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Best Silk Pillowcases for Anti-Aging


Anti-aging pillowcases

Forget coffee—a quick glance at your creased cheeks, sallow skin, and wild hair may be enough to jolt you awake in the AM. But you can wake up looking fresh and frizz-free with one simple swap: your pillowcase. Cotton and polyester pillowcases can pull at and suck moisture from your skin and hair throughout the night, leaving you a hot mess in the morning, said Debra Jaliman, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist in an earlier interview with. Enter silk: “With a silk pillowcase, your skin slides on the pillow,” explained Dr. Jaliman, who is the author of Skin Rules ($14; amazon.com). Sleeping on silk may also help slow visible signs of aging. These nine silk pillowcases will have you looking like a million bucks from sunrise to sunset.

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